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Respiratory and Allergy Test Materials
Asistan Medikal is one of the best players in the market in the production and distribution of Skin Prick Test Applicators for the treatment and prevention of allergic diseases. With a competitive product portfolio and integrated facility, it tries to provide professional service with the best possible medical products. Asistan Medikal is located in the Airport Organized Industrial Zone in Gaziantep, Turkey's leading province in production.

Detaylı Bilgi

We are with you with our innovative products for more than 30 years;
Asistan medical has an international integrated production facility and quality norms in the production of MedBlue Allergy, Medblue Lifesciens brand, Skin Prick Test Applicator and Respiratory Function BFE-VFE filter products. We focus on the manufacture and distribution of Diagnostic products for the treatment and prevention of allergic diseases.
With the aim of the best product and service quality, we want to create awareness in ISO 14644 Clean room conditions by complying with ISO 13485 - ISO 9001 - CE Medical product production standards in our integrated facility.
Asistan Medical focuses on the group of allergy specialists consisting of otolaryngology, dermatology and chest diseases specialists. All our activities are aimed at providing the best possible medical products and scientific output to improve the quality of life of allergic patients and to serve our professional clients.
We work closely with our sales organizations, distributors and specialist staff to identify the best possible combination of knowledge and experience.